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Using CSV Files in Fleet

You can import multiple devices into GoGuardian Fleet using correctly formatted CSV file.
What’s a CSV file? 
CSV stands for comma separated value, and is a type of file that can make it easier to get large amounts of data from a spreadsheet or text file and into a database. GoGuardian Fleet lets you import your devices, their asset IDs, Organizational Unit (OU), location, and assigned student information using correctly formatted CSV files.
How do I make a CSV file?
You can make a CSV file using any spreadsheet program, but GoGuardian recommends using Google Sheets. You can learn more about creating a CSV file suitable for importing into GoGuardian Fleet here: Create a Fleet-ready CSV File.
How should my CSV file be formatted?
In order for your CSV file to be imported correctly by GoGuardian Fleet, it needs to be formatted correctly, and the column names must match exactly
Your CSV file must have all of the following column header names. Additionally, the Serial Number and Loaner columns must both have data in each cell. 
Serial Number The serial number of the device.
Asset ID The ID of the device as determined by your organization.

The Organizational Unit (OU) that the device is assigned to.

Note: the OU assignments in this column must be preceded by a forward slash ( / ), and must also correspond to an OU name that is already in your organization.

Location The location this device has been assigned to.
Student The user assigned to the device.
Loaner Whether or not the device is a device loaned to a student. Use true or 1 if the device is a loaned device, and false or 0 if the device is not a loaned device.
Note: when imported, blank cells in your CSV file are read by Fleet as null, and they will preserve the field as it currently exists for that device in Fleet if one exists, or leave the field empty if it does not. This applies to all columns EXCEPT for loaner, which must be true/false or 1/0 respectively.
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