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Create a Fleet-Ready CSV File

You can use CSV files to bulk import devices into GoGuardian Fleet. You can learn more about CSV files here: Using CSV Files in Fleet.

Create a Fleet-ready CSV file
  1. Using Google Chrome, Go to
  2. Click on Blank.

  3. Give your spreadsheet a name like “Fleet_Import”.

  4. In the top row, add the following column names. Use this exact order and exact names: 

    Serial Number
    Asset ID

    Your spreadsheet should look like this:

  5. Populate the spreadsheet with as much device information as you have. The only field that is required is the serial_number field, and you can use Fleet to enter information for the other fields. 
  6. Click File, then Download As, and select Comma-Separated value (.csv, current sheet).

  7. Once the file has downloaded, you can import your devices using a CSV file.
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