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What can I do with the exported device repair data?

When you export device repair data using GoGuardian Fleet, you can import it with most spreadsheet applications. When a CSV file is imported into a spreadsheet application like Google Sheets, it is displayed as a table/spreadsheet that can be modified and manipulated in the same way most other spreadsheets can be. 
Note: this article assumes that you have already downloaded exported device repair data. You can learn how to here: Export Device Repair Data.
This topic will revolve around importing the CSV into Google Sheets, and manipulating the data shown.
Import repairs-export.csv into Google Sheets
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the File icon in the upper right corner: 

  3. Click the Upload tab.

  4. Either drag the repairs-export.csv file from your computer and into the Upload window, or click on Select a file from your computer, and then double click on repairs-export.csv.

  5. Depending on how many device repair tickets that your school has made using GoGuardian Fleet, you should see an unformatted spreadsheet that looks similar to the screenshot below: 

Automatically create charts of your device repair data
After you’ve imported your CSV file into Google Sheets, you can use an automatic function to see a suite of visualizations to explore your data. These can be useful for spotting trends, like if there are certain areas in your school that are more prone to accidents, or what the average cost of a device repair is.
To get started:
  1. Click on any cell that has data in it.
  2. Click the Explore button in the lower right corner of Google Sheets.
  3. A sidebar with a series of charts will appear. You can drag charts from the sidebar and into your spreadsheet:

    • You can also plot out specific sections of your data by highlighting one or more rows while the Explore sidebar is open.

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