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Tips & Tricks for Fleet

In concert with GoGuardian Fleet’s highly flexible search feature, being able to modify and sort all of your device information at once can make spotting issues and trends easier. 
Deselect all items but your current selection
Like many other applications, GoGuardian Fleet lets you deselect all of your current selections by using the Select All checkbox to select everything, and to then deselect everything. 
But what if you want to keep your current selection? GoGuardian Fleet includes a function that will let you clear all selected items except the one you want to keep selected by double-clicking. This function is also super useful if you want to see the details of multiple devices one at a time: instead of single clicking the next device and then deselecting the prior, you can double-click on the next device to automatically deselect the prior device.
Note: this feature works only while using the Inventory screen.
You can deselect all items except one by:
  1. With multiple items selected, double click on the line you want to keep selected.
  2. Everything except the item you double-clicked will be deselected.

Find Outdated OS and Device Firmware
GoGuardian Fleet lets you see the OS version and firmware version of every device synced. Once displayed, you can sort all of your devices by version information, making it easier to see which devices need to be updated.
To display device OS and firmware version information:
  1. Click the cog icon in the upper-right corner of the Fleet table.

  2. When the Adjust Columns panel appears, uncheck all current fields, and check the Status, Last Sync, OS Version, and Firmware Version options, and then click Update.

  3. Click the OS Version or Firmware Version table headings to sort your devices in ascending or descending order.
  4. If the device status is active and either the OS version or firmware version are out of date, consider updating each. Alternatively, consider enabling the Google Admin console to automatically install updates on Chromebook devices as they are available. You can learn more here: Deploy auto-updates for Chrome devices.
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