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Using Search

Finding Devices and Users in Fleet
GoGuardian Fleet provides a range of options to help you find users and devices in your organization. Fleet also includes options to help you find collections of users or devices based on their shared attributes, such as how many devices are assigned to a user or which devices are assigned to specific locations. 
When you enter a term into the Search bar, Fleet will search in the following fields:
  • Serial
  • Asset ID
  • Location
  • Assigned User
  • MAC Address
You will need to enter at least three characters to search. That 3+ character search string will provide results if it appears anywhere in a field.
For example, if you wanted to find a device with the serial number of 171009, you could search for [009]. Similarly, if you wanted to find all of the devices that had been assigned to Marky J, you could search for them with the string [Mar] or even [ark], and every device, user, username, and even serial number that included the string [ark] would be shown.
Note: Your search string is not limited to three characters. 
Adding a Filter
You can apply filters to the items that appear in Fleet in two ways:
  1. By using one or more of the three dropdown at the top of the page. These allow you to filter by:
    • Device Status
    • Organizational Unit (OU)
    • Location

  2. By searching for something, and then clicking on one of the results:

Remove a Filter
You can remove a filter at any time by clicking on the X next to it:

Each time a filter is removed, Fleet effectively “steps back” from the last executed search, allowing you to pivot into different searches and sub searches.
For example, if you wanted to see all of the devices attributed to that are also in El Segundo, but clicked on the [Location: At the car wash] filter by mistake, you could close the [Location: At the car wash] filter without changing the [User:] filter. 

You can sort devices in Fleet by clicking on the header of the column you want to sort by. Click once on a column header to sort devices by that field in ascending order, and click again to sort in descending order.
For example, clicking on the User column header once will sort devices in ascending order, and clicking again will sort devices is descending order.
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