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Complete a Device Repair

Once a device repair has been completed, you can use GoGuardian Fleet to keep track of the repair work that was done to it. Completing device repairs will also allow you to reassign the device to a student or back to a location in your school.
Complete a device repair
  1. Click on the Repairs tab at the top of GoGuardian Fleet.

  2. Click on the device you want to have repaired. You can searchfilter, or modify the table layout to make it easier to find the device.
  3. Use the Type of Repair dropdown to indicate what was repaired on this device.
  4. Use the Status dropdown to set the device to Repaired.
  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. Click the Cost tab.

  7. Enter the cost of the repair, the total time spent in minutes, details about the repair in the Notes field, and then click Add Entry. The Cost panel will be updated with a line item indicating the cost of this repair, and at the top of the total repair cost and time over this device’s lifetime.

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