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See Device Repair Details

Whenever a device repair is created in GoGuardian Fleet, an entry is added to the Repairs tab. Repairs are recorded sequentially, with the newest repairs appearing at the end of the list, and the oldest repairs appearing at the top. 
Note that each line in the Repairs tab represents a specific repair ticket, and not a specific device. A single device can have multiple repair tickets, each of which will be reflected in the Repairs tab.
Check the details of a device repair
  1. Click on the Repairs tab.

  2. Click on a device repair entry in the Repairs table.
  3. A Details panel will be displayed for the device repair entry, which includes three tabs:
    • Details: displays the type of repair, the current repair status, and any notes added to the repair ticket when it was created. The Details tab also shows device information, like its serial number, asset ID, and device model.

    • Logs: shows a log of all of the changes that have been made to this device repair ticket.

      The Logs tab is primarily useful for seeing how long a device repair ticket took to be resolved.

    • Cost: displays a running tally of repair costs that this specific device repair ticket has incurred, as well as a running tally of the total time spent repairing this device.

      The Cost tab is useful for tracking how much it cost to repair this device, and how many times different expenses were incurred while repairing it.

You can also update all of the device repair ticket details from each of these tabs. You can learn more about updating device repair status here: Update a Device Repair.
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