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Export Device Repair Data

GoGuardian Fleet lets you export all of your device repair data in the form of a CSV file. You can export either all of your device repair data at once, or use a combination of searches and filters to export specific selections of device repair data.
You can learn more about CSV files and how they work with Fleet here:
You can also learn about what you can do with CSV files here: 
Export device repair data
  1. Click on the Repairs tab in GoGuardian Fleet.

  2. If you want to export all of your device repair data at once, skip to step 3. Otherwise, use a combination of the Status & Type dropdown filters and the Search bar to narrow down your selection. When the data you want to export is shown, go to step 3.

  3. Click on the Export button.

  4. When the Export Repairs window appears, click on Download CSV.

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